Sustainable Entrepreneurship is becoming a powerful tool to develop capacity at global and individual levels. Through Sustainable Entrepreneurship, innovators can explore new business concepts for development and implementation to meet social, environmental and economic objectives.

The CSCP believes that sustainable entrepreneurs are critical actors in the change away from unsustainable consumption and production patterns through individual initiative. They introduce new, sustainable products and services to existing markets, open opportunities for sustainability conscious consumers and in general encourage the efforts of society to support sustainable lifestyles.

As promoters of activities focused on Sustainable Consumption and Production, the CSCP is constantly exchanging practices and experiences that enable innovation and communicate the importance of Sustainable Lifestyles. This objective is achieved by undertaking practical projects that bring together diverse stakeholder groups to facilitate actions with long-lasting, positive environmental, social and economic impacts.

The CSCP’s SMART Start-up is a dynamic, flexible and inclusive training programme that comprises a set of innovative learning methodologies with a wide range of tools that support entrepreneurs to better understand the concepts around sustainability and the opportunities it conveys for successful business development or rekindle. It is a modular programme that allows the possibility to deliver 1 day or 1 week training along match-making activities, stakeholder dialogue, knowledge creation and other important features for developing sustainable innovations in the business sector.

“We can change our lifestyles to be more sustainable and also change every place if we have a good idea, and, if we share this ideas with other people, the same can be improved and we can change at least a little bit of our life and our community. It was good to see new ideas, learn from them, and get inspired by them.”
Rene Bonomi (SMART ICT, Brazil, 2012)
“ SMART is an excellent opportunity to share and polish your start-up idea with smart guys. A suggestion is to prepare your idea well before joining the training since then you will get surprisingly provocative suggestions to improve! The most important thing I've got from the training is that the sustainable way of livin and doing business doesn't mean uncomfortable or unprofitable. Of course, that needs our wisdom. But at first, the belief in the win-win between sustainability and business should be rooted in our hearts and that's what SMART helps us doing”

陈鹏 CHEN Peng (SMART ICT, China, 2011)

“The action based learning methodology used provided amazing real-time living experience and learning, putting the theory into practice! Sustainable learning in Action!”
Dammon Rice (SMART ICT, South Africa, 2011)
“Recalling my day-to-day experiences I managed to understand how I can change my lifestyle to become more sustainable”
Namenya Naburi –Kenya- (SMART Educate the Educators, Germany, 2010)
“Before the training sustainability and green business were blurry terms for me. Now, I can see that business and sustainability can go hand in hand. I am more aware of the influence that our lifestyle and consumption choices have on business practices. After graduating from the SMART Start-up Training, I feel better informed and I have the knowledge and conscience to act in a responsible way. I now feel motivated to move forward with my own entrepreneurial ideas.”
Hüseyin Demirtaş (SMART in the Mediterranean Region, Turkey 2012)