INSIGHT 1 Ideas Banks

An “Idea Bank” is a space – either physical or virtual- where people can put forward ideas and observe them in collaboration with other decision makers. Beyond being a consultation, an ideas bank allows dialogue and undermines the assumption that innovation is outcome of top-down decisions. An example of application could be infrastructure for city development, where policy makers not only pose their proposals but also get to know what citizens need and would like to have.

Below are two notorious examples of ideas bank:

1.1 Seoul City Imagination Bank

One successful example is the ideas bank launched by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2006. In 2007 it received 74000 proposals, 140 per day. Each entrant received a reply within a week. 1300 ideas were adopted wholesale and many others partially. Examples of successful projects include setting up social enterprises and lowering hand straps in the Metros for shorter passengers

1.2 The Global Ideas Bank

It is a website where users can submit ideas. Other users can then vote on the feasibility, originality and humour of the ideas. The site has attracted more than 4,000 ideas and attracts more than a quarter of a million unique visitors annually. The team behind the site also offers social innovation workshops for young people that get them to grapple with real world problems.

More about Ideas Banks: