Swapping and Recycling

The wasteful “use and throw” mentality is matter of the past, creative online-based solutions for making better use of “old stuff” have been developed and are paving the road to schemes of more collaborative consumption and less resource use for production.

Netcycler is an online platform that allows its users to make deals online for exchanging used goods and services. It is a free service website with the vision of supporting a society of sustainable consumption; where people swap, donate and trade products till they reach the end of their life cycle, the lifetime of products is prolonged by tuning and repairing them, with the help of an active tuning and repairing market and only long lasting high quality products are being produced.

Information on netcycler: http://www.netcycler.com

RecycleMatch, the first online marketplace for commercial waste and recyclable materials with live bidding. When you reuse, upcycle, recycle or even downcycle materials. It is possible to find high quality materials, bid instantly, and quickly arrange to take possession, all with no risk. There are no fees for buyers to use the RecycleMatch marketplace among various other benefits.

Information on RecycleMatch: http://www.recyclematch.com