Capacity Builders

Nurturing the quality of entrepreneurs at the early stages of business development is crucial for the development of sustainable entrepreneurship. Since the majority of business failures among start-ups tend to fail at the early stages it is important to provide early support to maximise the opportunities of success for the most promising sustainability-driven business ideas.


Sustainable Entrepreneurship provides the necessary elements to create ventures that will have a positive impact on society and nature alike. Creating a favourable environment for starting up new sustainable enterprises by strengthening sustainable consumption and production skills and creativity is as important as supporting existing entrepreneurs.


Sustainable Entrepreneurship training offers holistic, multidisciplinary approaches that include theory from conventional business studies with a hands-on, interactive social and environmental content. Leadership skills, technological knowledge and solid background for policy drafting should be embedded into study plans. Students must learn to collaborate with people from other disciplines and be capable of developing profitable ventures that also benefit the environment and society.

The CSCP’s SMART Start-up training program builds capacity to educate and empower entrepreneurs to create their sustainable ventures.