Educate the Educators Germany

April 13 – 16, 2010

Increase participant awareness of Sustainable Entrepreneurship opportunities and the potential for promoting lifestyle shifts. Build a common understanding of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and provide relevant tools and material to participants. Enable replication and adaptation of the training program.

Students and professors of universities from Kenya, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Egypt and Tanzania.

Through its dynamic approach for introducing the training activities and rationale of the material, the SMART Start-up program aims to support the honing of facilitation skills while empowering individuals to organize trainings of their own and engage their communities in the elaboration, implementation and development of successful sustainable start-ups. This approach also helps to strengthen the network of practitioners of sustainable entrepreneurship, including other stakeholders in the efforts towards shaping behaviors for sustainable lifestyles.

“Classes at the university should be like this because things don’t change through passive listening but acting – the SMART Start-up changed me a lot.”
Daniela Matysiak, Germany
“The whole concept of Sustainable Entrepreneurship has given me an angle form y research and teaching, a new focus that I can build upon in theory and practice.”
Dr. Sherwat Elwan Ibrahim, Egypt