ICT China

October 18 – 21st, 2011

“Through the observation of things around, I realized how important is my personal action and experience for bringing sustainability into our lives. There are many things happening around us and our awareness about the environment and ways to protect it is still very weak. What I found really interesting in the program, was not only sharing experiences between students and teachers but even how by properly classifying the garbage one can make products and commercialize them, so we won’t only reduce the amount of garbage but create new businesses.

I made many new friends during the training, even though we had a disagreement during the discussion of the proposal process, by analysis and discussion it was possible to overcome the differences in opinion and reach a consensus for drafting a program. This program will allow the presence of teachers and the investors considered it very feasible. We are very pleased with the outcome knowing it was difficult at the beginning and we managed to work together towards a common understanding.”

WenMiao Wang