ICT South Africa April 2011

April 12 – 15, 2011

suneBuilding a better-equipped and well-educated workforce can result in human capital with priority focus on sustainable living.
by Suné Stassen, board member of Design Education Forum South Africa (DEFSA) - participant of the Training organized by the CSCP in collaboration with the South African Center of Cleaner Production in Cape Town, South Africa on April 12-15, 2011.

Prioritising innovation, sustainable entrepreneurship and lifestyles should be at the forefront of all education
We embarked on an entrepreneurial epic journey of self-exploration. This amazing journey triggered off powerful shifts and built many ‘bridges’ in favour of sustainable lifestyles, exploring different sets of tools, which all in all inspired and empowered us to become individual yet collaborative leaders that can now educate with confidence. […] Indeed it was a unique journey and an exceptional experience! Often thrown into somewhat familiar grounds, we were continuously swept off our feet with grueling new challenges. Teaching us more sensory awareness, to identify hotspots in just about any situation and the tools to recognise the correct ingredients and stakeholders needed for a strong and secure marriage between an idea and that of a sustainable business model. For me this was the perfect marriage between creative thinking and the competitive world of business.