Pilot Programme: Mauritius

August 25 – 28, 2009

Test the training packages and identify opportunities to promote Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Lifestyles at participating universities.

University of Mauritius, University of Technology and Institut Supérieur de Technologie.

The impact of the SMART Start-up program extends beyond the lives of the participants as policy makers were also invited to participate in the discussions on sustainable thinking as a product of sustainable business. The Government of Mauritius expressed a political commitment to sustainability with a view to securing present and future livelihoods through its Mauritius Sustainable Island vision. Education and Communication for sustainable Lifestyles is one of the seven priorities within the Mauritius National Action Plan.

“One of the most important characteristics of the training material is an adaptable and flexible structure that can be changed based on the stakeholder and learner input and needs.”
Fisseha Tessema, Ethiopia – former member of the SMART Start-up facilitating team.