Experiential Learning

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The SMART Start-up methodology comprises knowledge development through experience-based learning. Each section of the training program follows a 6-step structure:

  • Provision of background information
    This is introduction of basic concepts, reflection and discussion to generate common understandings.
  • Oral or written explanation of the activity
  • Activity
    Through simulation and interaction participants are provided an opportunity to experience the concepts that are introduced.
  • Group discussion
    Sharing newly acquired information and experiences helps individuals gain deeper insight and clarity of the material that has been presented.
  • Personal reflection
    Each person internalises learning differently and conceptualising new knowledge happens at a personal level.
  • Decision on actions
    The main outcome of each activity is to present learning through a tangible action or personal commitment that can be taken forward throughout the training and crystallized in the draft of a realistic, sustainable business plan.