Creative Observation

Opportunities to develop sustainable business ideas tend to be more accessible than we think. People often search for new ideas when opportunities and solutions exist right before us. In order to discover this fact one often has to change habits of observing and perceiving the reality one lives within. Instead of passively witnessing our lives, a more active approach to observation is needed and this is the basis of Creative Observation. New ideas often arise from simple questions like ‘What is this?’, ‘What is it for?’, ‘What could it be for?’ Questioning the basic uses of utensils we use in everyday life and common customs and rules opens up space for many new opportunities. Therefore, looking at things from a different angle is the first step to innovate and invent new solutions

Creative Observation is looking at things from a different angle, challenging the creativity of participants before they start generating business ideas. It encourages thinking about new opportunities and inventions related to the utensils used in everyday life and reinforces the habit of searching for new possibilities during everyday life. In Creative Observation, one develops skills to foster observation techniques and creative problem solving. These skills will help to better understand your surroundings and search for solutions to the challenges participants discover.

A SMART Activity

An Activity used to support Creative Observation is called “A Day at the Sunny Beach Hotel”. The activity is designed to broaden the way of analyzing human activities we witness daily. Based on a written story describing the life of a touristic coastal area, participants are asked to analyse the local situation in terms of actions that occur in the area and identify correlated impacts caused by these actions.