Idea Generation

Idea Generation is the foundation of the process of discovering new sustainable business opportunities New ideas often arise from simple questions like ‘What is this?’, ‘What is it for?’, ‘What could it be for?’ Questioning the basic uses of utensils we use in everyday life and common customs and rules opens up space for many new opportunities. Therefore, looking at things from a different angle is the first step to innovate and invent new solutions. This activity aims to boost participant’s creativity and help them to develop creative ideas that make a difference.

Idea Generation is a process of deliberately brainstorming. There are a number of tools and considerations that can help generate powerful ideas. These tools have been shown to be particularly relevant to the pursuit of sustainability-driven ideas. In addition, this section provides participant with important considerations for the development of sustainable products/services and will bring their attention to the major opportunity areas for sustainable businesses.

A SMART Activity

The continuation of the case presented at “A Day at the Sunny Beach Hotel” unfolds for critical reflection. It presents the participants with the opportunity to evaluate the identified impacts from the perspective of sustainable business opportunities that these impacts may present. The main objectives of this activity include the dynamic observation which looks at events and situations in term of actions, and helps to realize how becoming aware of the plurality of actions behind one phenomena is possible to build linkages between actions and their impacts and finally provide insight on the variety of impacts one action can provoke.