Modeling and Planning

The Modeling and Planning stage assists to prepare analyse and structure the business plan. This is the stage to design a set of strategies that will contribute to the internal operations and success of a start-up.

The milestones used to draft the plan provide a reference to the participants’ external environment. It is also important that people develop an effective internal structure. Investors for example, will be looking forward to verify the participants’ understanding of the market they intend to service.

In this phase the focus is on drafting the model that the entrepreneur find more adequate for making a business out of her/his idea and also to identify the strategies that will lead towards the meeting of these targets referring to organizational, market and production issues. Having a clear picture of what people will do, when, with whom, with what and how to do things, participants can also determine the best opportunities to obtain the necessary financing and other resources.

The main objectives include understanding the fundamental business modeling considerations, identifying opportunities around to develop robust, feasible business strategies and preparing to write the business plan.

A SMART Activity

The ‘Modeling your Sustainable Business’ activity provides insight and guidelines to simulate the stages prior to drafting a business plan. Developing new business models that have minimal negative ecological impacts that can also be profitable. Addressing customers’ needs while at the same time reducing the use of resources is the main challenge addressed. To get a better idea, participants are asked to invent a service around one specific product that is already manufactured, and to analyse the improved idea based on both the kind of value proposition and the innovation over the supply chain.

The objectives are to implement the various considerations needed for business plan modeling and getting familiar with the diverse analysis and approaches that the modeling conveys.