Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholders are groups that are affected by others’ products or services. Stakeholders can be suppliers, customers, distributors, employees, or any other group that is affected by the business participants envision or who have an influence on their business. Analysing stakeholders is important to identify the best potential business partners and customers. In Stakeholder Identification, participants are guided to: Have a clear picture of every actor that is likely to be influenced by their business, understand their roles and recognize their interests and determine your optimal partners to involve into business.

A SMART Activity

With the activity named “Getting to know your Stakeholders” participants have the opportunity to reaffirm how important is to be aware of the stakeholders affected by one’s business, their interests and needs. In other words, it is relevant to understand other perspectives, and walk in somebody else’s shoes. By understanding other perspectives, participants can often see ways to create ideas to make most of the opportunity. In this activity, participants will practice how to analyze their business ideas through the eyes of their different stakeholders.

The objectives of this Activity include: Test generated business ideas on various stakeholder groups, exploring how one business idea can influence particular stakeholders, how various stakeholders might influence the idea and finally conduct an initial reality check of the business idea itself.